Our High-Performance Textiles are Used in a Wide Range of Industries

In many areas of application, competitiveness is increased by taking advantage of multiaxial fabrics - whether in rotor blade manufacture, aeronautics, space travel, ship and boat building or traffic engineering.

Significant advantages:

  • Cost reduction
  • Low weight
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Higher quality

Wind Energy


In order to address the special challenges that arise in the wind energy industry, we develop and supply innovative products made from carbon and glass fibers, combining maximum tensile strength and stiffness with minimum weight. These special products can be used to develop a new generation of rotor blades that set a new benchmark in performance yield, longevity and efficiency.

Aerospace Industry


Even under extreme stress, materials and structures used in aerospace technology must be light in weight – and reliable, stiff and resistant at the same time. Fiber-reinforced composite materials meet all of these requirements. Our product lines offer ideal materials for manufacturing to sophisticated designs in large or lightweight aircraft construction.

Automotive Industry


Lightweight materials help to reduce the fuel consumption of cars. Working in close cooperation with our partners in automotive engineering, we are producing lightweight components and structural parts from fiber composites.

Yacht and Ship Building


In modern yacht and ship building, weight and stability are just as important as ergonomic and aerodynamic properties. Our high-performance products offer you the optimal composite material perfectly matched to your design wishes.



Whenever sportsmen strive to achieve maximum performance, they need lightweight materials with the greatest possible rigidity and strength. Composite materials have become an indispensable factor in modern high-performance sports.

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