Preforms and Braidings

Textile structures closely approximating the final contours can be manufactured with by the new automated braiding technology. This supersedes the manual processes previously used, which were cost-intensive and difficult to reproduce.

2-D Braidings

  • Preforming in a single process step: Spherical preform producible by braiding rovings directly onto a shaped mandrel
  • Process sequence reproducible for curved structures as well
  • Textile structure avoiding thread displacement
  • Concave geometries feasible
  • Elongated 0° rovings on the inner and outer surfaces of curved structures

3-D Braidings

  • Endless profiled semi-finished textile materials
  • Different geometries of cross-sections and connecting surfaces over the length of the fabric
  • Individual load-conforming fiber alignment over the fabric cross-section
  • Individual angles of inclination

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